Table d’hote at Ferme Beauregard.

During your holiday at Ferme Beauregard, we also like to take care of the interior of people. Anyone who stays with Ferme Beauregard can always eat in the evening, sit down at our table outside on the terrace or in our restaurant, in the old hangar. Every day we serve a varying 3-course menu and in the summer one barbecue. We let you enjoy dishes from France, we make extensive use of regional products. Cooking in France, the French kitchen with a Dutch touch, the saté sauce will not be missing at the BBQ.

  • Genieten op het terras in Frankrijk

And of course you can order something to drink all day at the bar, a cup of coffee or tea, a delicious wine, beer or a glass of fresh water and enjoy on one of our terraces. Delicious in the sun by the pool or quiet under the old walnuts in the shade, or one of the other terraces. We have a nice place for everyone. And if you indicate in the morning that you want to stay home for a day, we also take care of your lunch.

  • Vijgentaart

Enjoy in France!